Our Platform Technology

LNP Delivery Platform

Orion is a leading provider of state-
of-the-art solutions for precise and targeted delivery of RNA therapeutics. Our advanced delivery platform is agnostic to nucleic acid payload and can be modified for a variety of disease indications opening new frontiers in the
field of RNA-based medicine.

Formulation Discovery

Orion leads formulation discovery projects that empower clients to unleash the full potential of their groundbreaking RNA therapies. Using our targeted delivery platform, we bridge the gap between scientific innovation and clinical translation, enabling a diverse range of RNA payloads for virtually any disease target.

Vascular Pipeline

Orion is committed to pioneering groundbreaking therapies for vascular diseases by utilizing targeted delivery of siRNA and mRNA therapeutics to vascular injury and atherosclerotic plaques. Through our innovative approach, we aim to revolutionize treatment options and improve patient outcomes in atherosclerosis and endovascular procedures.

Contact Us for Your Delivery Solution Needs

Are you seeking innovative delivery solutions for your RNA therapeutics? At Orion Therapeutics, we specialize in providing a versatile LNP platform that can deliver various types of RNA payloads across a wide range of disease indications. We would love to collaborate with you to address your specific delivery challenges and help advance your research or clinical projects.